- How do we work together with Sweetdeal?
Sweetdeal designes the deals and we operate them. We make sure you got the right papers in time. They make sure you can book a proper holiday for an efficient price.
- What happens behind de scenes?
Our cooperation with Sweetdeal is not complicated. You buy a voucher via Sweetdeal and send them to us. We start up a file for you and send everything to our bookings agent.  He makes sure the hotels and flights are booked and send them back to us. We make the confirmation and send it back to you. If you book early it might be you don’t hear us for a while but no worries, 8 – 10 days before departure we make sure you have all the papers you need.
- What can you expect when you book a deal via Sweetdeal with us as your tour operator?
Next to the fact we make sure you have your papers and all your bookings are made we also make sure you feel heard. We have a 24/7 service line which you can call for enquiries or emergencies. You can email us whenever and we we will always try to answer as quickly as possible.
- How do we set up our deals?
All deals are made with the best prices. This means the flight tickets and hotel rooms are booked on special conditions. These conditions include a no-refund policy. Because of this we can offer you the best available prices but also makes that deals are not changeable. And that flight tickets aren’t flexible.

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