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Last June my husband and I made an incredible trip to Tuscany. During this trip we have seen Pisa, Parma, Bologna and Florence. We have truly enjoyed this trip with a rental car included.

Our first two nights we have stayed in Calamidoro hotel in Pisa, a fairy-tale like hotel with amazing staff. Even though the area around the pool is a bit outdated it’s the rest of the hotel makes it up for this. During our stay in Pisa we have visited multiple touristic attractions such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, the leaning tower of Pisa and we took a walk along the River Arno. The Cathedral is magnificent! Mostly it’s over shadowed by the leaning tower of Pisa, but this beautiful cathedral is an absolute must see as well. The leaning tower of Pisa is very busy but when you are there you should definitely visit. We have climbed to the top of the tower and had a surreal view of the city.

After our stay in Pisa we went to Parma, a beautiful city with a lot of activities to do. We stayed at Star Hotels du Parc for one night, the hotel is self was great with lovely staff but the breakfast was a bit poor. We had a quick look at Teatro Farnese while in Parma since we where really looking forward to see this. For our dinner we went to Piazza Garibaldi since there are quite some shops and restaurants and had a great pasta at Ristorante Bistro. The feel at the Piazza is astonishing, the lights, the people and the street musicians.

After Parma we headed for two days Bologna, going down the road we decided to take our time and stop at some smaller villages inside the country. We stayed at Unaway Congress hotel Bologna San Lazzaro, this hotel has very luxurious rooms and an amazing breakfast. Because the hotel was luxurious we decided to take some relax time here and take everything a bit slow. We did went to the Archaeological museum, at the museum they give you a fantastic insight into the history if the city. A ticket for the museum is about 6 euros a person.

Our last two days we spend in the beautiful city of Florence. Or stay at the Giotto park hotel was very pleasant. Since we enjoy walking and the area around the hotel is perfect for long walks we enjoyed the area. Since we had a late flight (luckily) we have spent our last day at the Boboli Gardens in Florence. These gardens are immense and for garden lovers like heaven 😉. You can spend a whole day here just walking around and it’s simply beautiful!

This trip was very nice, we where able to enjoy a lot of Tuscany. Though we enjoyed the driving around and seeing a lot it was quite a fast trip. Next time we rather go for ten days or two weeks so we have some more time to relax and see the city, but that is all personal. The organisation of the trip was very good, we got all our travel documents around two weeks before departure and all our questions where answered within 24 hours. Our experience with the rental car was poorly, the car itself was perfect but it took a good 45 minutes before we where being helped. It probably took so long cause of the high season and there where a lot of people.


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